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Photo Albums

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Fun photos (events: party, gathering, book club, seminar, training etc)

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School photos

TertiaryCambridge University

PhD MA BA (Cantab) University of Cambridge, England (1988-1997)

- Photos taken during Oct 1988 - Jan 1997
- Cambridge University Chinese Society photos (1988-1996)

- Informal alumni gathering in Hong Kong


Victoria CollegeVictoria College, Jersey, Channel Islands, Great Britain (1984-1988)
Queen's Gold Medal presented by Her Majesty The Queen - 25 May 1989 (photo, video -
330kb, vidoe-2.3Mb, Radio interview-2.5Mb)

TWGHs Lee Ching Dea Memorial College (1981-1984)
(Photos to be scanned)

Primary and Kindergarten

Kiangsu-Chekiang Primary School and Kindergarten (1973-1981)

McKinsey & Company
Hong Kong alumni activities

Other fun photos

Cambridge University
Studio photo 2001
Cambridge University
McKinsey mini-MBA 1996